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EPA Approves Water Filters for Combating Lead Contamination

Results from the EPA’s study of lead contamination in drinking water came to light. It revealed that water filters are effective at reducing lead contaminants within water. This study was performed in Benton Harbor, Michigan, a community that has been affected by lead in the past. EPA leaders are optimistic about the use of water filters in places like Benton Harbor, though they still worry about the state of contamination. An EPA Administrator, Debra Shore had the following to say to WaterWorld. “Using a water filter addresses the symptom and not the cause of the problem”.

Tests were conducted on drinking water that was both filtered and unfiltered, and determined that proper usage will make filters effective. The issue is that the EPA believes citizens may require more guidance when it comes to the operation of these filters. Without proper instruction, there is a high risk of improper use of filters that will have little to no effect on lead contamination. Benton Harbor will be receiving bottled water as the state continues to replace contaminated service lines.

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