Strategic Manufacturing Partner

ENPRESS LLC, a renowned global manufacturer specializing in composite pressure vessels and filtration systems for water treatment applications. Our exclusive and patented products offer top-notch performance and water-saving solutions, proudly 100% Made in the USA.

At ENPRESS, we take pride in using a unique copolymer polypropylene formulation for our liner assembly, setting it apart from traditional polyethylene. This innovation grants our ENPRESS™ vessels exceptional performance, making them resilient even in challenging climate conditions and remarkably resistant to chemicals and impacts. But that's not all – our dedication goes beyond exceptional products.

Our team comprises highly skilled individuals with a combined experience of over 75 years in engineering, manufacturing, and marketing within this industry. You can rely on their expertise and commitment to deliver outstanding results.

Enpress has been a prominent player in the water treatment products arena since 2000, boasting second-generation ownership. The history of our family-owned companies traces back to the inception of the water treatment industry in 1954, showcasing our longstanding commitment to excellence.

Our state-of-the-art facilities span across 125,000 sqft of manufacturing space, situated on a 10-acre property, allowing us to produce internationally patented products with precision and efficiency.

ENPRESS™ – Where Innovation Flows.™

HEADQUARTERS: 34899 Curtis Blvd., Eastlake, Ohio 44095

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