Private Well - Important Customer Information For Installing UltraFiltration

Background for Private Well Water design and recommendations

"Buffer and Backwash Kit":

The quality of spring and well water can vary greatly depending on the geological subsoil and other influencing factors, and can even vary greatly over time. For example, many springs experience so-called surface influence, in which the soil no longer filters reliably and sufficiently during periods of heavy precipitation or snowmelt. Thus, additional turbidity substances together with pathogens enter the spring used for drinking water supply.

Due to this unpredictable fluctuation in raw water quality, we strongly recommend that an appropriate membrane expansion tank be installed downstream of the UrSpring with regard to the peak load that occurs at times and for additional improvement of the flushing efficiency. If the membrane expansion tank is also to be used for partial backwashing, no backflow preventer may be installed between the UrSpring and the membrane expansion tank. This is the only way to additionally generate a partial backwash during a forward flush when the membrane expansion tank is under tension. This partial backflushing is very effective if the membrane expansion tank is appropriately preloaded and can therefore significantly extend the filter life time. The preload and thus effectiveness, depends not only on the pressure but also significantly on the volume of water stored there.

We recommend the following three standards of "Buffer and Backwash Kit":

● (1-2 persons) - membrane expansion tank (40 gal) 
● (1-4 persons) - membrane expansion tank (80 gal) 
● (4-6 persons) - two membrane expansion tanks (80 gal)

Because we want to achieve long-term satisfaction for all our customers, the installation of an appropriately described buffer is obligatory for an installation by Seccua due to our many years of experience in this field. In the case of installation by another company, we hereby clearly point out that appropriate components (with drinking water approval) must be provided in order to ensure a long-term positive experience for private spring and well water supplies. Furthermore, for warranty reasons, we can unfortunately only offer these additional components to our customers if the installation of the Seccua products is also carried out by us.

Important notes:

If the water usage exceeds the above-mentioned number of persons and residential units or if other additional consumers are also supplied, an individual design for estimating the expected peak load is mandatory. We will be pleased to assist you with this. The three standard packages are based on our many years of experience and are to be understood as standard recommendations for application technology and not as individual design and planning, which Seccua cannot provide here. Individual additional components may be necessary in individual cases of very difficult water quality.

● Descriptive text:

○ Buffer and backwash kit for 1-4 person household (without additional consumers, such as farming with livestock).
○ Included: Additionally, a membrane expansion tank (80 gal) for partial backwash and buffering peak load, as well as a backflow
preventer and shut-off valve are also installed. The flat-rate working time required for this and small materials are included in the price.

Pre-filter (automatically rinsable)

The task of membrane filtration is to filter so finely that even bacteria, parasites and viruses are filtered out as particles. Which upstream treatment in the form of a fine filter makes sense varies from individual to individual and depends on the products used, the objectives of the treatment and the nature of the raw water.

● In case of strong surface influence (fluctuating water quality during heavy rain and snow melt), an automatically flushing fine filter should be installed instead of the mandatory standard fine filter (100 μm), which may have an even finer mesh size than 100 μm.

● In conjunction with a E3 tank and Carbon Filtration, the fine filter should be selected as fine as possible, ideally 1-5 μm, in order to avoid clogging of the filter media used by turbidity.