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Oregon Prepares Testing of 150 Water Systems for PFAS

Oregon makes plans to test 150 different drinking water systems within the state for traces of PFAS. Many of these testing sites are within proximity of other contaminated areas. The Department of Environmental Quality in the state looks for 25 PFAS compounds. This comes as one of the last measures taken by an individual state before the EPA steps in with their Strategic Roadmap. This program is made possible by an EPA grant that alleviates the costs for system operators. The grant provides approximately $190,000 for the testing.

Other states have taken their own independent actions on PFAS. California banned PFAS in the manufacturing of certain products like food packaging. In the past, Oregon has taken measures to protect water quality through other means. The Toxic Free Kids Act was passed in 2015 with the intent of protecting children from PFAS contamination. This requires that manufacturers disclose if any of their children’s products contain dangerous levels of chemicals. Between testing and regulation, Oregon has performed admirably in the fight against forever chemicals.

Check your local water company to determine if PFAS is present by Zip Code 

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