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States plan more tests after ‘forever chemicals’ found in more wells

This October, the Ohio EPA found high levels of PFA’s in the public water systems, causing them to send letters to 180 homeowners in the affected area. During a follow up testing, more ‘forever chemicals’ were found in a well from Montgomery county. In order to quickly identify the source of the ‘forever chemicals’, state officials have decided to examine the water quality in other wells in the area. Further testing identified that 2 of the 18 wells tested this month contained PFA’s in them. Six PFA compounds, or 74 parts per trillion, were found in a well in Maynard and Hudson after being urged by state officials to take caution. This exceeds Ohio EPA’s action level of 70 parts per trillion. PFA’s are related to many serious health risks which the state is taking very seriously and contributed greatly to their dedication to finding the source. An expert from Wright State said that the state should develop an aggressive plan to resolve this issue. In response, Ohio plans to continue testing wells to stay informed on the presence of the PFA’s. 

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