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TOXIN SAFE - Whole House System

TOXIN SAFE - Whole House System

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3-Stage Filtration For Homeowners with Hard Water & up to 90 Toxins & Contaminants 

TOXIN SAFE System Includes:

    1st Stage - E3 High Capacity Tank with PreFilter

    • External 20 Micron Pleated PreFilter, with 10 Micron Pleated Internal Filter
    • Extended service life for 3 years, contaminant removal, and dirt holding capacity
    • The Orange series PreFilter has 6.5x more open area compared to standard 4.5"x 20" filters
    • Best PreFilter on the market to maintain long life and max flow > 25 GPM

    2nd Stage - E3 High Capacity Tank with Toxin Safe Carbon & Chloramine Filter

    • Granular activated carbon, made from coconut shell, acid washed
    • Removes 90 Dissolved Toxins
    • Removes disinfection by-products (THM) Improves taste & odor
    • Removes Drug Residues
    • Removes Pesticides
    • Removes Plasticizers
    • Removes Oral Contraceptive Residues

    3rd Stage - E3 High Capacity Tank with Anti-Scale Filter

    • Reduces water hardness naturally WITHOUT SALT
    • Water softening using Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC)
    • Stabilization of Limescale for easy cleaning
    • Reduces limescale formation in water lines
    • Removes biofilm

    Installation at the cold water transfer point

    The TOXIN SAFE system is installed directly at the cold water transfer point in your home, so it removes all germs, pathogens, and single-celled and multi-cellular organisms from your water, completely and without a trace – before they can enter your home’s water lines. 

    Your Local plumber can easily install in 1 hour. 

    Technical Data:

    • Lifespan of the 3 easily replaceable filter cartridges = 250,000 gallons
    • Maximum flow = 15.3 GPM peak load and 13.6 GPM continuous

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